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Tree Services & Snow Removal Services in Winter Park, Colorado

Tree Service Pros Proudly Serving Winter Park, Colorado

Our professional tree experts live and work in Winter Park, Colorado, and surrounding areas, so we understand the importance of forestry health & wildfire mitigation. Winter Park and the surrounding area is plagued with dead lodgepole pines affected by the pine beetle and the forest floor is scattered with juniper bushes which create highly flammable ladder fuels during a wildfire scenario. 

If not properly mitigated, these ladder fuels can create wildfire hazards for you and your neighbors. 

Whether you have 1 leaning tree next to your beautiful mountain home, or 100 dead trees laying on your property’s forest floor — our crew of professional tree experts have you covered. 

We stand behind our 5 star service, and won’t leave your job until you’re 100% satisfied — guaranteed!

Get in touch today for a free estimate of your next tree removal project. 

Tree climbing professional climbing an aspen tree in Winter Park, Colorado using a harness, helmet, and all necessary safety equipment.

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Tree Removal & Land Clearing Services

Tree Removal

Bear Claw Tree Services is Tabernash's go-to expert for any tree removal worries. We have the experience and equipment to take care of those your projects with skill, speed, and safety. We do tree removals for a wide variety of clients, including homeowners, business owners, municipalities, and even homeowner's associations (HOA), often in the interest of Firewise standards proven to increase the ignition resistance of your home and your community and to reduce wildfire risks at the local level.

Forestry Mulching:

Forestry Mulching, also known as mastication, turns large pieces of wood, logs, and debris into smaller, mulch-like pieces. Bear Claw Tree Services provides expert mulching services to Tabernash. Our machinery and team can clear multiple acres of trees in a single day, and our specialized processes ensure that the final product is aesthetically exceptional while promoting forest floor health and even reducing fire risk on your property.

Wildfire Mitigation

When protecting your home or vacation property from the dangers of wildfires, one of the most influential, proactive steps you can take is to remove potential fuel sources from around your property. This means removing trees, shrubs, and other vegetation that could act as kindling for a fire. At Bear Claw Land Services, we specialize in providing safe and effective wildfire mitigation services based on Firewise best practices, a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) initiative to reduce the risk of home destruction and wildfire spread in the U.S. We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to quickly and efficiently clear your property of hazardous vegetation and trees. In addition, we can provide valuable advice on cultivating a defensible space around your property, including what types of plants may be more fire-resistant than others.

Some of our other services:

Tree Trimming
● Stump Grinding
● Land Clearing
● Burn Removal
● Tree Chipping
● Build Site Prep

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