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Forestry Mulching, also known as mastication, is the process of turning large pieces of wood, logs, and debris into much smaller, mulch-like pieces.

Bear Claw Land Services provides expert mulching services throughout Grand County. Our machinery and team is capable of clearing multiple acres of juniper bushes, dead trees, and brush in a single day, and our specialized process ensures that the final product is aesthetically exceptional while promoting forest floor health and even reducing fire risk on your property.

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Why Forestry Mulching by Bear Claw Land Services?

We can do forest mulching on almost any terrain, and with our skilled team and the proper equipment, we can mulch your vegetated land in almost any conditions: wet, cold, dry, or hot, our team is ready to tackle your project.

There are many benefits to mulching, including:

Erosion control

By covering the ground with wood chips, you can help cover bare soil and reduce runoff, keeping your valuable soil in place.

Fire risk reduction

By removing dead trees and brush, you can help reduce the risk of wildfires on your property.


Debris and overgrowth can be quickly broken down compared to manually removing brush and debris and hauling it away, delivering an instantly improved appearance for your property.

Soil health

The wood chips produced through forestry mulching act as a natural fertilizer, adding essential nutrients back into the soil and improving the health of the land.

Weed and vegetation control

A carpet of new mulch can help reduce the recurrence of pesky undergrowth that can ultimately contribute to wildfire spread.

Tick and pest control

Did you know that reducing forest overgrowth actually leads to a reduction in tick population? Reducing the tick population is a surprising benefit of forest mulching, limiting the proliferation of these disease-carrying pests.

remove junipers with forestry mulching in grand county

With the growing population Grand County, Colorado, wildfire mitigation is becoming ever more important. 

Juniper shrubs are highly prevalent in our area and are nicknamed “the gasoline plant” by firefighters due to their high flammability. 

Removing junipers from your property is one of the the most important fire mitigation strategies you can do as a landowner in Grand County. 

Most homeowners and other contractors despise removing junipers due to the amount of thorns present in the shrub. They can be a major pain to pull & dispose of. 

After removing many juniper bushes by hand, Bear Claw has invested in state of the art forestry mulching equipment as an efficient method of removing these highly flammable bushes from properties in Grand County, Colorado. 

With 20+ years of combined operating experience, the BCLS crew can quickly remove unwanted dead trees and juniper bushes, turning it into soil-enhancing mulch that will ultimately contribute to the health of the forest on your property.

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