Snow Removal Services

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us With Comprehensive Snow Removal Services by Bear Claw

The first heavy snowfall of the year always catches us off guard – leaving you shoveling a seemingly endless amount of ice just to keep your driveway tidy. 

Why go through all that work when there’s a team of seasoned snow removal professionals waiting to do it for you?

Whether you’re a homeowner, part of an HOA/community, or managing a business or commercial properties, the team at Bear Claw Land Services is equipped to handle all the heavy lifting for you.

We spend our summers moving dirt and our winters moving snow – we understand the importance of keeping your property safe and accessible. Whether you just want to clear out your driveway or need something more involved in your snow removal services, we can help. 

We do:

  • Snow plowing for driveways
  • Clearing and salting of walkways
  • De-icing
  • Snow hauling and disposal
  • Parking lot snow clearing
  • Seasonal snow removal contracts

Keep your Property safe and tidy at every snowfall - work with the experienced snow removal Pros at bear claw for peace of mind

Our Simple Process

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Embrace The Cold With a Snow Removal Company That Gets It Done

The arrival of winter brings not just the beauty of snow-covered landscapes but also the daunting challenge of snow removal.

For homeowners and businesses alike, this often means facing the aggravation of dealing with inconsistent service providers, the physical toll of manual shoveling, and the anxiety of ensuring your property is safe and accessible

Bear Claw Snow Removal Services understands these challenges intimately. The dread of waking up to a snow-blocked driveway or receiving complaints from customers unable to access your store or property can be overwhelming. It not only disrupts daily life but poses significant safety hazards, from slips and falls to the increased risk of heart strain during physical snow removal efforts.

Reduce your liability and make life easier with our comprehensive snow removal services.

Our team offers comprehensive snow removal services to maintain your right of way, clear out your parking areas, or even just tidy up your driveway.

We specialize in offering a wide range of snow-related services, which include:

  • Snow plowing to clear large areas quickly and effectively
  • Shoveling and manual removal for precise and detailed snow removal
  • Ice melting and prevention solutions to prevent hazardous icy conditions
  • Expertise in snow stacking and removal to maintain clear sightlines and maximize space


Whether you’re gearing up your land for the season or addressing overdue snow clearance, Bear Claw Land Services has a solution.

Val Feavel
Val Feavel
December 5, 2023
Working with Bear Claw Land Services was flawless. They came to the project when agreed upon and performed wonderful tree and fire mitigation for us, our property looks lovely and improved. I highly recommend Bear Claw Land Services for their professionalism, work quality, and communication skills
Mike Robertson
Mike Robertson
October 7, 2023
Austin and crew are helping HPM contractors with a National Park project requiring massive ground clearing including felling and meticulous clean up of burnt woody debris in preparation for a new housing development for NPS employees ,they have been safe professional and provide a first class service and attitude a true pleasure to work with 5stars👍
BOB Holme
BOB Holme
September 22, 2023
Austin and his team provided exceptional service and delivered a finished product that was well beyond expectations. The attention to detail and care for the natural resource was outstanding.
September 19, 2023
I recently hired Bear Claw Land Services for a land excavation project in Winter Park, Colorado, and I couldn't be happier with the results. From start to finish, their professionalism and expertise were top-notch. Austin and the team at Bear Claw Land Services was incredibly knowledgeable about the local terrain and environmental regulations, which gave me confidence in their ability to handle the excavation responsibly. They communicated clearly throughout the project, keeping me informed about progress and any unexpected challenges that arose. The quality of their excavation work exceeded my expectations. They were efficient, thorough, and left the site in impeccable condition. Their attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the job. What sets Bear Claw Land Services apart is their dedication to customer satisfaction. They listened to my specific needs and customized their approach accordingly. This level of personalized service truly made the difference. I highly recommend Bear Claw Land Services for anyone in need of land excavation services in Winter Park, Colorado. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence make them the go-to choice for any land clearing services. Thank you, Bear Claw Land Services, for a job well done!
Connor Lockhart
Connor Lockhart
July 28, 2023
Land clearing, tree removal and stump grinding done quickly and efficiently. If you're anywhere in Colorado you should give Bear Claw Land Services a call!
Ben Swart
Ben Swart
July 28, 2023
Great tree removal service highly recommend working with Austin and the crew!
Al Rem
Al Rem
July 17, 2023
I highly recommend Bear Claw Land Services. Austin and his crew, did an amazing job on my property. The property was littered with downed trees, tons of junipers, and old structure debris. After a grueling week of work, the property now looks like a beautiful City Park. . Thanks Austin, Josh, and Chris .
derek ortner
derek ortner
July 10, 2023
Austin and his team are top-notch! Austin’s communication and ability to share ideas/thoughts specific to our project were invaluable. The quality of work, communication and seamless process were very refreshing. Highly recommend reaching out to Austin for your project!
Chris Kulpa
Chris Kulpa
June 4, 2023
Five star service and great communication from Austin and Bear Claw. We had 20 mature lodgepole pines removed and after he ran the stump grinder thru we can’t even tell where the trees were. Thanks!
Bryon B
Bryon B
May 24, 2023
Phenomenal service great people. I highly suggest using these guys. Went out of their way to help me out in a pinch the first time using them. Thanks Bear Claw!

The best contractor for safe snow removal in Winter Park

Regardless of its size, removing excessive snowfall from your property is crucial for maintaining safety and accessibility. It’s also about being able to enjoy your land and making sure it stays habitable during the deep winter.

So even if you’re fighting the aftermath of a blizzard or just wanting to keep your pathways clear within your property, Bear Claw is ready to help you with unmatched professionalism. We’re committed to your satisfaction, and so much so that our motto here is that we won’t leave until you’re ready to give us a 5-star review.

We offer competitive prices and focus on transparently communicating our assessment of your situation. We want you to feel heard and take your previous experience into account when deciding our path of action, so even if we have to redraw our original plan, you still feel you’re in good hands.

If all of this sounds fair to you, we’d love to get in touch and give you a free quote today!

Why Use Bear Claw for Your Snow Removal Needs?

Easy: our focus is on your satisfaction.

From your initial inquiry, to free quote, to the end of the snow season, we show up on time, maintain transparent communication, and make sure we’re doing everything we can to get the results you need.

Plan ahead with a comprehensive snow removal contract today. Call for a free quote. 


Getting through heavy snow can be hazardous, especially in more rural parts of the Winter Park region. We ensure everyone’s safety with deep knowledge, extensive experience, and the right equipment. We know how to tackle snow jobs from every angle to keep you running smoothly.


We know how precious your property is! This is why we employ snow removal methods that minimize damage to landscapes, surfaces, and driveways. Before we begin, we talk through and explain the snow removal process, so you know exactly what to expect when the snow strikes.


We work on reducing your upfront costs by adjusting our methods to your budget and tackling issues in smart ways that other, less reputable contractors might just charge you extra for. With a snow removal contract from Bear Claw – plus unrivaled transparency – you'll know exactly what your bill looks like.


We use state-of-the-art equipment fit for the job and the property. Our team of professionals had experience dealing both with large-scale snow plowing operations and lighter, more delicate work. In any case, you’ll find that your needs are met and your expectations exceeded when it comes to clearing your driveway, parking, and walks.

Safely Clearing, Removing, and Disposing of Your Snow

Snow Plowing and Clearing

At the core of our offerings is our snow plowing and clearing service. We deploy a combination of advanced machinery and manual expertise to efficiently clear driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, and access paths. Our goal is to ensure that your property remains open and safe for both vehicles and pedestrians, regardless of the snowfall.

Ice Management and Treatment

Understanding the risks associated with ice, our services extend to comprehensive ice management and treatment. We apply both traditional and eco-friendly de-icing agents to critical areas to prevent the formation of ice. Our ice treatment strategies are essential for reducing slip and fall hazards, keeping your walkways and parking areas safe for everyone

Pre-treatment Services

In anticipation of snowfall or ice storms, we offer proactive pre-treatment services for your home or business. By applying liquid de-icing agents in advance, we can meaningfully reduce the buildup of snow and ice, making it easier to manage once the storm has passed. This forward-thinking approach provides for a quicker return to normalcy and significantly less disruption to your daily activities

24/7 Monitoring and Response

Recognizing the unpredictable nature of winter weather, we provide continuous monitoring and a 24/7 response team ready to act at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s before business hours or in the aftermath of a late-night storm, our number one goal during winter weather is to make sure that your property is quickly and effectively cleared of snow and ice.

How Our snow removal contracts work

At Bear Claw Snow Removal, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive and client-focused snow removal contracts designed for peace of mind during the winter months, with pre-planned budgets, clear pricing, and a plan for when the snow hits.

Our seasonal and multi-year agreements ensure that your property remains safe and accessible no matter what comes, with services including plowing, clearing, de-icing, and snow relocation. 

We outline specific areas for snow removal and trigger depths for service initiation. Our pricing options are tailored to meet diverse needs, offering per-event rates, seasonal flat rates for budget predictability, and hourly rates for flexibility, all detailed in our straightforward contracts.

We aim to build lasting relationships through reliable and efficient service. Our snow removal plans for the Winter Park area feature  customizable service options and flexible terms for renewal or cancellation to adapt to your evolving needs. 

Don’t get caught neck-deep when snow hits. Plan ahead with a snow removal service plan from Bear Claw – navigate winter’s unpredictability with confidence.

Plan for The Snowy Season, Plan for Peace of Mind

Call now for up-to-date pricing and to get a free quote for your snow removal needs.

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