4 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Brush Removal Service

When you’re ready to get the brush removed from your land, you can try to tackle it on your own or you can call in a brush removal service. Brush and tree removal requires professional assistance because of the large-scale nature of the job. 

However, before you hire the first company you find on Google, there are some things to consider. Here, we share the four questions to ask before hiring a brush removal service that will help you to make the best decision. 

How Much Brush Removal Experience Do You Have? 

The first question to ask a potential brush removal company is how much experience they have. Knowing how many years a company has been in business will give you an idea of its level of expertise. When a business has just opened, the team may not yet have the skill and experience necessary to do the best job. Although experience is not always a marker of quality, it can help you select the most skilled professionals. 

In general, we recommend selecting a brush removal service with at least five years of experience to ensure the best results. A very experienced brush removal service will know how to remove excess brush, trees, and stumps from your property safely and effectively. Looking at a company’s track record in the industry will prove helpful as you search for the best tree and brush removal service. 

Do You Charge by the Hour or by the Size of the Job? 

Finding out how a company bills for the cost of the brush or tree removal service is essential before hiring them. You can find out whether or not the company charges by the hour or by the entire project ahead of time so you can budget accordingly. In many cases, you can get a better deal when you work with a company that charges a flat rate based on the size of the job. With fixed-rate pricing, you won’t pay more if the job takes longer to complete. 

Additionally, you will want to find out what services the company will provide for the price. The company may be able to clear other debris from your property as a part of its debris removal service. If they can do more than one job within the same project, this will save you money. Make sure to get their proposal and quote in writing so that you can refer back to them as needed. Whether you need brush removal, junk removal, tree removal, or debris removal services, finding out the cost upfront will be helpful to make sure you stay on budget.

What Kind of Equipment Do You Use to Remove the Brush? 

Finding out the type of equipment the company uses ahead of time is essential. The type of brush removal equipment can significantly impact the quality of the job. 

If you need land clearing on your small property, consider choosing a company that specializes solely in residential properties. A residential tree removal company will have the proper equipment to work on your land. You don’t need to choose an industrial brush removal company because the heavy-duty equipment is likely not necessary for smaller jobs.

If the company is using outdated or faulty equipment, then the job could take longer and cost more. A company should regularly maintain all of its equipment to ensure that it is operating at full efficiency. If the company has equipment maintenance records, you can see whether or not their tools are in good working condition. 

How Long Will It Take to Complete the Job?

Knowing the scope of the project ahead of time will help you to prepare for how long the job will take. This is essential as the length of the project has a direct impact on the cost of the entire job. Once the company tells you how much it will cost, you will want to get this estimated time in writing. 

With a written timeline and estimate in writing, you won’t get overcharged if the project takes longer than expected.

May I See Your Licenses and Insurance?

Every tree and brush removal company should have certifications and insurance to protect against injuries and property damage. If a company won’t show you proof of insurance or licensing from organizations like the International Society of Arboriculture or Colorado Timber Industry Association, choose another company.

Give Your Home Outstanding Curb Appeal

There’s a lot to consider when hiring a tree and brush removal service. Make sure to take your time and ask these important questions before proceeding to ensure the best choice. Contact Bear Claw Land Services for the safe removal of tree branches and construction debris or for full-service junk removal, fallen tree removal, and tree trimming services. Give us a call at 970-363-4837 today!


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