5 Things to Look for in a Land Clearing Service

A land clearing service might be necessary for various projects. Construction companies hoping to build a house in a wooded area or clear the land for construction projects will need an expert land clearing service to remove vegetation and trees. Additionally, creating a new construction site might require ground leveling or scaling to prepare the area for a new build.

When researching a suitable land clearing company for your project, it’s essential to know what factors to consider. Comprehensively analyzing a company’s experience, reviews, and services ensures you choose the best service for your space. Learn what you need upfront to avoid selecting an inadequate company.

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Land Clearing Experience

Unsurprisingly, any land clearing company you hire should offer years of experience and expertise. Land clearing is a complex process that involves dangerous machinery, hard work, and specialized techniques that only professionals can perform successfully. 

Ensure you scour a company’s website and review its past projects. Avoiding an inexperienced land clearing company protects both you and the company. Workers can get hurt or complete their job unsatisfactorily if they don’t have the necessary experience and equipment to succeed. For example, brush and trees removed improperly can damage the site.

The Right Equipment

Land clearing projects are unique to the site and construction needs. Thus, finding a company with specialized experience and equipment appropriate to your job is crucial to hiring the best land clearing service.

While a flat area with only a small tree or two may suffice with more basic equipment, complex areas with root systems, thick brush, and sloped land require more equipment, experienced workers, and specialization. Discuss in detail the equipment used by companies you consider for these services. Understanding their capabilities will create realistic expectations about what is accomplishable within your area. 

A Clean Safety Record 

It’s no secret that land clearing jobs are dangerous. From heavy machinery designed to cut strong structures like large trees and stumps to working in extreme weather, many factors could injure workers on these jobs.

On-the-job injuries are bad for everyone involved. From the worker who has to deal with an injury to your liability in hiring the land clearing service, avoiding these outcomes is crucial. 

Review the safety record of any company you consider. While a few mishaps are likely for any company, avoid land clearing services with spotty records for worker and site safety.

References from Other Customers

Asking for references from other customers may be one of your best options when identifying the best land clearing service. Check reviews on the company’s website and contact past customers directly to ascertain the quality of service, job success, and pricing. 

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Upfront Pricing

With any land clearing project, costs will be an essential consideration. However, many companies are not necessarily upfront about the holistic nature of a land clearing expense. There are many factors to consider, and understanding the true nature of these costs will help you choose the right land clearing services. 

Many land clearing companies start with a base rate of cost per acre, and this expense can increase (or decrease) depending on the level of debris removal necessary to clear an area. For areas with thick brush, complex root systems, and trees, removing these features could cost anywhere from $200 to $250 per acre.

Another factor that impacts cost is labor. Expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $250 per hour for expert land management services. These costs likely include worker’s compensation insurance necessary for those operating these heavy machines.

Finally, additional costs like renting equipment, land surveys, and ground leveling could supplement the initial fee. These services could cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Fortunately, most land management companies will create a comprehensive price that encompasses all these costs.

At Bear Claw Land Services, we commit to providing an accurate, transparent measurement of the cost of our land clearing service. After surveying your land and assessing the job, we’ll give an honest estimate of the total job cost.

Hire Professional Land Clearing Services from Bear Claw Land Services

Now that you know what to look for in a land clearing service, hire Bear Claw Land Services. Our commitment to upfront pricing and comprehensive land-clearing management and site preparation is why we continue to receive top ratings and five-star reviews from our clients.

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