Forestry Thinning For Fire Mitigation

In this project, we used our hand crew & Fecon forestry mulching machine to selectively thin a forested property in Tabernash, Colorado. 

This property had been overgrown with new growth lodgepole pines.

Wildfires used to naturally thin the forest. 

But with population growth and expansion into the Wildland Urban Interface (homes being developed in the forest), the need for fire suppression over the last century has increased.

Suppressing wildfires is obviously a necessary thing to do in order to protect homes, families, and livestock. 

But suppressing wildfires also has it’s downsides relating to the natural cycle of the forest.

Without wildfires, the forest is not able to thin itself. 

This leads to an unhealthy forest of lodgepole growing on top of each other — all fighting for the same nutrients, water, and minerals. 

Bear Claw Land Services is not the land clearing company who brings machinery in to mow everything down.

Rather, we take a land clearing approach that prioritizes the current & future health of our forests.

Our land clearing approach:

1. selectively thin over populated trees with specialized forestry equipment

2. leave a healthy mix of new growth / old growth trees

3. Remove dead trees and flammable junipers 

4. Leave an aesthetically pleasing landscape 

On this project, we left a healthy mix of old growth & new growth trees while selectively thinning the forest to make more resources available for the trees we kept. 

If you’d like to have your property selectively thinned and removed of dead trees, pleasefill out this form for a free estimate.