Granby 5 Acre Fire Mitigation 

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In this project, we performed fire mitigation services on 5 acres in Granby, Colorado.

This property was littered with dead trees leftover from the Beetle Kill.

In order to tackle this sloped project, we utilized our specialized forestry machines.

We used a forestry mulcher, skid steer, mini excavator, and Bandit Tracked Chipper.

Our state of the art tracked chipper allows our crew to move efficiently throughout the forest cleaning up the dead logs.

Our goals for projects like this:

1. Chip the dead trees 

2. Selectively thin new growth (makes more nutrients available for the trees that are remaining) 

3. Spread chips evenly throughout the forest

4. Leave chip depth no greater than 3” in any one area

5. Masticate all junipers and twigs 

If you’re looking to clear your land of dead trees, selectively thin your forest, or mitigate your property from wildfire, please fill out this form to receive a free estimate. 

“Austin and his team provided exceptional service and delivered a finished product that was well beyond expectations. The attention to detail and care for the natural resource was outstanding.”

Bob H.
Satisfied Client