Hardscaping For Fire Mitigation

Our hardscaping services offer a great solution for aesthetically pleasing landscapes around your home that also meet Firewise best practices for “hardening your home.” 

This project was part of a larger fire mitigation project where we cleared 5 acres of dead trees from our client’s property. 

After cleaning the land for fire mitigation, we implemented a washed rock exterior hardscape surrounding his home. 

Firewise practices recommend that within 5-10 feet of your home there should be zero vegetation.

We took this a bit further to 20’ outside the home and created an aesthetically pleasing rock finish. 

First, we scraped the grass from the surface.

Second, we graded the surface to create proper drainage away from the home.

Third, we covered the surface with weed barrier fabric. 

Finally, we spread washed rock for a beautiful hardscape exterior. 

Hardscaping is a great way to reduce flammable materials around your home. 

In the scenario of a wildfire, you want the least amount of flammable vegetation you have surrounding your home.

Hardscaping is a great way to implement a Firewise solution to protect your home during a wildfire. 

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“I highly recommend Bear Claw Land Services. Austin and his crew, did an amazing job on my property. The property was littered with downed trees, tons of junipers, and old structure debris. After a grueling week of work, the property now looks like a beautiful City Park.. Thanks Austin, Josh, and Chris.”

Al Rem
Satisfied Client