Austin Gray

Previously, he built a retail / wholesale coffee business and a network of Colorado co-working spaces to connect provide remote professionals office space in Denver & surrounding ski towns including Winter Park & Steamboat.

His 20’s supported a lifestyle full of remote work, startups, outdoor adventures and traveling with his wife, he’s now placing his roots in the mountains of Colorado & sinking his teeth into solving a big problem with his next venture — wildfire prevention.

After selling the coffee & corking businesses, Austin purchased two acres of mountain property to build a home and quickly learned about the importance of wildfire mitigation.

With the dangers of wildfires in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, he dedicated his time to learning about proper fire mitigation strategies and investing in the right tools and equipment to mitigate his own 2 acre mountain property. He met with local fire authorities, spent hours reading FireWise mitigation strategies, and got to work with a chainsaw & skid steer clearing 50+ dead trees from his 2 acre mountain property following Firewise mitigation strategies. From there, neighboring property owners began to ask if Austin could perform tree/brush removal & fire mitigation services on their properties.

Through this hands-on approach, Bear Claw Land Services was born.

Bear Claw Land Services is committed to caring for the natural environment through knowledgeable tree removal & land clearing services with a focus on forestry health & fire mitigation.

Forestry Mulching

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